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We are closed on 4 major holidays: Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

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North Bennington, Vermont

learn about kevins pub
learn about kevins pub
The brick building on the South side of Main Street was built by H. C. Simmons on 1903. In the 1920's the restaurant side was operated by Frank Remington and the bar side was a meat market operated by Richard R. Dwyer. When Mr. Remington closed his restaurant, that side of the building became the Post Office. When the post office moved into a new building Mr. Dwyer went out of business and Norma and Cliff Herrington opened the Villager Restaurant and from then on the building was known as the Villager block. It was a very successful restaurant operated much like today with the bar on one side, where Marge McGovern used to hang out and a restaurant on the other side.

Norma finally left and Cliff ran the whole business. When I used to go get the mail every morning about nine thirty I always left of 20 pounds of Hamburg for the Villager to start the day but they usually came back for more sometime during the day. Usually by nine thirty Emmet Brundage, had stopped for his first drink of the day by then.

Cliff took in a partner named Danny Wendell and they became so successful that they opened a second restaurant called The Side Track for their banquets and parties. After Cliff left Gary Martin ran the restaurant and bar for a few years. When Gary closed up Danny and Beth Boepple, opened a nice restaurant for a few years and then along came Kevin at Mike's Place. Never had a restaurant become so successful and so well known in North Bennington as this Restaurant. Travel far and wide and you will hear about Kevin's and the good food and good times as you will have at this restaurant. It is so successful that you will meet all of your friends and they all have a good time and leave with a smile on their face.

-As told by Larry Powers
Local Historian and Author